Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Kambree!

Happy Birthday Kambree!!
She is 7!!
For her seventh Birthday Kambree once again wanted a Barbie cake. (this makes #3, and might I add this is definitely the best one so far.) I think she has figured out that if she asks for a barbie cake then she gets a new barbie every year for her birthday, and it doesn't count as one of her presents. (smart girl)

For her Birthday this year we decided to let her get her ears pierced. This however came with a LOT of drama!!
Note to anyone who gets their daughters ears pierced, Do exactly what they instruct you to do, and DON'T take the earrings out to clean them only three days later. It might lead to having to get the ears repierced, only to find out it was the wrong earring in the gun and having to repierce the other ear to match. While listening to your daughter cry "it hurts mommy it hurts. Only to have the earring fall out as soon as you get home. Resulting in a mad husband, a traumatized daughter, a mother who gives up,  and your four year old saying "I will never ever get my ears pierced ever!" I'm just saying....
(we did get the earring back in. So we didn't have to get the ears pierced a third time.)
I love this girl!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

She's ONE!!

I can't believe my baby has gone from this...

To this, in a year.

She has been my stinkiest, hardest, and loudest baby so far but she has also been SO much fun. We all love her, and can't get enough. We all cry when she cries, laugh when she laughs, and  CHEER whenever she does anything new.(She's not spoiled or anything) Happy Birthday Demry!!
Just some pictures from the party...