Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who ate the Cake!

We went to visit Aunt Elizabeth yesterday and she made us a fun cake, but before we could eat it someones fingers got into it can you guess who?

The Evidence

Suspect #1: Karson, boy who says he is always hungry

Suspect #2: Kambree, Girl who helped pick out the cake

Suspect #3: Aunt Elizabeth, aunt who has a soft spot for chocolate (who doesn't)

Suspect # 4: Bailey... no description needed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pictures from Family Reunion

I was sad that the pictures from my post about the family reunion weren' t very big so i wanted to post them again only this time not in a collage.

Me on the Zip line.
Kambree crossing the "shark infested water"
Bailey asleep in the canoe

The family trying to work together.
Kambree and Bailey watching their parents,
Grandpa and Ratha go down the zip line.

Karson crossing the shark infested water.
Grandpa about to go up and jump to
what mom thought was his death. Bailey just hanging out at camp this is
last time she would sit by herself, because shortly
after a deer ran right by her scared her so
bad she had to be carried the rest of the weekend.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today I couldn't help but think about our Family Reunion. Let me tell you the first day of vacation was one of those days that anyone involved does not want to relive. Lets start out with what was supposed to happen... Once upon a time there was a family who planned this great weekend vacation. Where they were going to get up early put the kids in the car and head to Utah. Their first stop was going to be Salt Lake City. This was the place they would spend half the day at Holgo Zoo loving all the animals there were to see.

From there the family was on to a long awaited and planned family Reunion at Herber Valley Girls Camp where there would be hiking, canoeing, challenge courses, good food and of course lots of family to see.

Let me mention that they were going to be having so much fun that no one would be fighting or whining the entire vacation, only happy faces.

What really happened....

The night before we were supposed to leave Bailey got a temperature of 104. I decided I had better take her to the doctor to make sure it wasn't strep. ( FYI she has been getting these random temperatures the whole summer.) Well it wasn't strep but the doctor thought it might be some kind of Kidney reflux problem and that I should bring her back in the morning then they would be able to know more. ( Goodbye Zoo) We took her back in the morning and we didn't have enough of her urine for them to tell so now we will go back in 10 days, but the good news was she didn't have a fever anymore so off we went to the Family Reunion. By this time the kids had been waiting two hours and all hopes of them sleeping during the somewhat early morning hours was lost.
Things were going smoothly Todd was driving, grandma was reading, kids were watching a movie, Mom was taking a nap.... Wait, What car won't start? Were parked in a Wendy's parking lot not in Idaho and not in Heber...aah look Layton Hills Mall we'll go over there until the car is fixed.

Oh wait the car has started lets get on the Interstate and try to get to the repair shop. "No one touch the air conditioning, and who cares that it is over 100 degrees." "Oh no, we're on the interstate... car has died... Todd is coasting...Exit in sight.... car stopped...

So Hot.... need water... Tow truck not coming for 45 minutes... Elizabeth and Ratha can't find there way back... We're all going to die!Yeah!!! (clapping) the car started... we made it to exit...What do you mean you made a WRONG TURN!? ... Car dead again at the intersection. This time however we had Lagoon and a police station on our right and an air conditioned cheveron on the left. ( I have to mention that three cops passed us and not one of them asked if we needed help. I mean we were a big white car dead at an intersection with an Idaho licence plate, and there was no statement like" Licence and Registration please." NO why are you stopped here? No, do you need some help you look like you could die from heat stroke", nothing. I was very disappointed in the local authorities.

After hanging out in the Chevron for what seemed like hours, Aunt Tese came to rescue and let us take her car to the reunion. However, by the time we got there it was to late to participate in any of the planned activities for the day.

So, we put our stuff in the cabin and decided to take the kids on a little nature hike to what the sign said was legacy lake.

This little nature walk started out great we saw deer right on the path, that was pretty neat, come to find out we would be seeing these deer everywhere for the next 24 hours. The kids and the men Loved it!!

Then our little nature walk turned into quite the hike, It was starting to get dark so we kept saying if it's not around the corner then we are going back, but then we just kept going. (we found out later that it would have taken us 50 minutes just to get to the lake) It gets better Ratha decided to feed on my sons fear of bears and kept throwing rocks in the trees. I'll admit he even scared me once (that's when we figured out what he was doing.)

Seconds later after we found out his tricks. He stops suddenly in his tracks turns around and tells us to all walk slowly backwards and then run. We all stopped and ask each other "is he joking?" "Is it really a bear this time?"( kind of sounds like that story The boy who cried wolf.) Well we just stood there frozen not really knowing what to do, until he slowly pulled out his camera and took a picture he then turned and said... "There is a female Moose in the trail and she is looking right at me." That was it for Elizabeth and me we took off running, forget about the children I had to take save my own life. (great mother instincts) Besides Todd's caring all three, he's a strong man. Once we got far enough away we all started to laugh! We decided it would be safer for all of us if we just sat by the fire and ate s'mores. Little did we know Karson would find a long stick to put in the fire and swing it around oblivious to the fact that he was about to burn someone every time he did. Camping is so much fun!!

When night came I was to scared to walk to the bathroom alone, i mean we had already seen two different wild animals who knows what could have been around our camp at night. So with little complaint my good husband having already laid down walked me to the bathroom the first time, the second, and on the third he only walked my halfway, but i did make it safely without being attacked by a wild animal.

The cabin we stayed in had 16 bed's. Karson and Kambree were so excited they could each sleep on a top bunk. We tucked them in and turned out the lights, they made it a total of five minutes before they got scared so we all ended up sleeping together in the same bed. It was a very long night between being squished and thinking that Elizabeth and Rathas snoring and the rustle of their sleeping bags was a bear outside our cabin.
The next day was much better. We were able to do our challenge courses which included a Zip line and other activities. We got to go canoeing, bailey did not like this because she had to wear a life jacket. (and like in all stressful situations she put herself to sleep in Todd's arms. which left the kids and I to the paddeling.) The kids played volleyball with there dad while i learned some very interesting facts and story's about our ancestors and others who were the first to settle in what is now known as Cedar Fort. Our car did get fixed by the time it was over, and we were able to make it safely home. Oh, the great memories that family vacations bring.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aiden Keck

There is something about new babies that just melt your heart! And as long as they aren't crying you can hold them forever. Aiden is definitely one of those babies. He was born in the evening of July 21, 2010 to Jessica and Branden He weighed 9lbs 15 oz and his head is full of thick dark hair. We are all excited he has finally joined the family.

Grandma, the kids and I went to Rexburg today to meet this new member of the Keck family. And I have to say he is one the cutest baby boys I have ever seen, because lets face it most baby boys come out looking like little old men, not that little old men aren't cute but, you know what I mean. Anyway the kids and I loved holding him and can't wait to hold him again.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who Knew Cheerios were really doughnut seeds?

I had no idea cheerios were doughnut seeds and my kids didn't either until Aunt Elizabeth came to visit. She had a baggy of what looked like cheerios and told Karson and Kambree that if they planted them in the garden the next morning they would grow to be doughnuts. Kambree was so excited, Karson was an unbeliever. Monday night we planted the seeds.....

Tuesday morning just as Elizabeth had said doughnuts, glorious glazed doughnuts, just like the ones you would find at your local walmart, were growing out of the ground.

Elizabeth and Kambree went out to pick them and Karson the unbeliever had now had a change of heart. He couldn't believe it, he immediately turned to me and asked if we could throw cheerios all over the yard so we could have a hundred doughnuts for breakfast tomorow.
Thank you aunt Elizabeth I now have a summer full of finding cheerios wherever there is dirt, and two very disappointed children because lets face it i am not going to do a midnight run to Walmart every time I see a handful of cheerios go out the door.