Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Trip To State

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Most of you know this already but I thought I would explain a little, a couple of years ago Todd started coaching the 9th grade Rigby basketball team, he also started to assist the Varsity team during their games, and he has loved it! So does Karson he gets to go to the practices, he sits on the bench during games, and  rides the bus with the team for away games. He knows all the players names and insist that he is going to be Trojan someday, forget that we live in skyline boundries. It has been very fun for our family. So when when Rigby won Districts this year, and earned a spot at State, we had to go cheer them on. The weekend ended up being great and even better Rigby won State. It has been since 1986 that they earned that title so it was a sweet victory for them.  Some might call me a traitor for supporting this team. I call it support for my husbands "extra curricular activities."  GO RIGBY!

Below are some pictures from Todds team they had great season too with a record of 15-5.