Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Fun

So Jessica shared a really fun idea with me last week and that was to die your own shoes. That's right die your own shoes! How fun, my kids loved the idea, so as a family we tried it, and it was a huge success the kids and even Todd had a blast watching them change color.  I love family activities that end with everyone smiling! Thanks Jess for the idea.

Monday, May 2, 2011

"It's my Happy Birthday!"

Bailey is now the Big 3 and is so excited about it. When she woke up yesterday morning we all said happy birthday to her and she looked around and said "where is my  happy birthday?" I told her it was here and that the whole day was her birthday. After that she walked around telling people very excitedly that it was her "happy birthday" and that she was three now.  We also caught her singing "happy birthday to me..."  when she thought no one else was around, in places like the car, her bedroom, outside, and my favorite the bathroom while sitting on the toliet. She is such a fun girl!

All about bailey past year:

1. Her favorite color is blue
2. Loves playing house with whoever will play.
3. Can count to 20
4. Spells her name when asked
5. Can say the ABC and thinks they all say "ba" for bailey.
6. We can now understand most of the things she is saying
7. Can ride a scooter
8. Loves playing baseball with dad and karson
9.  Loves playing starfall on the computer
10. Super Why and Tangled are her favorited things to watch
11. Gives the best hugs, kisses, and smiles