Thursday, January 19, 2012

Never to Young or Old to Celebrate New Years

To bring in the new year we decided to take a trip to Utah, and have a little mini vacation with the kids.

We started Friday night and took the kids to Temple Square so they could see the lights. The weather was perfect and the lights were beautiful.

Saturday we started the day by taking the kids to see the animals at Cabelas. Todd told the them, that just like in the movie "Night at the Museum" the animals come to life at night. They didn't believe him so we asked a worker, and it has been confirmed that yes the animals do in fact come to life at night. You should have seen their eyes.(so funny!)

From Cabelas we took the kids to Chucky Cheese (crazy!) and then on to the BYU basketball game. With Great Grandma McFadden who who was celebrating her 100th new year and soon to be her 101 birhtday!

BYU won and everybody had fun.

That night we decided to be a little crazy, grandma bought medium salsa instead of mild, holy cow it was hot.

We celebrated the New Year for the kids at nine o'clock and sent them to bed. 

We stayed up till the midnight playing our two favorite games!

On Sunday Demry got to meet her other Great Grandma (Cook) and then it was back to Idaho. We had a great time,  and it was good to see my grandmas again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011

I have been a little busy the last few weeks with a lot of family time, being Santa, and enjoying my new Christmas present (iPhone) , I haven't really taken the time to blog, but I did want to share our Christmas.

The week before the girls kept themselves busy and there minds off of Santa by entertaining their audience of stuffed animals,  I had no idea we had this much until I came out of the shower to this.

Christmas eve we did a little Christmas program and opened a present from Grandma and Grandpa McFadden. They gave everyone new PJ's. We put the kids down for bed and waited and waited and waited for them to fall asleep. (they did not go to sleep until almost midnight)

The next morning came pretty early starting at what I am pretty sure was 4:30a.m., we opened presents it was really fun and all kind of a blur at the same time.
(This picture made it on the blog just because I think it's cute)

Everyone got just what they wanted.

Karson got some sports apparel, broncos pillow pet, and some wii games

Kambree this amazing barbie sketch pad, barbie car and new barbie

Bailey a  beautiful princess dress and every princess shoe I think there is.

 Demry got formula, diapers, some toys, and a lot of bibs. (I think Santa knew we go through at least four a day!)

 Todd surprised me with this beautiful picture of Jesus and John the Baptist that I have wanted since I saw it at the visitor center last year. The picture make me happy to look at ,there is a reason why the title of the picture is JOY, and I felt since Karson will be baptized this year and Kambree next I really wanted this in my house.

Todd got some new clothes and a new tool. (every mans dream)
The Monday after Christmas we went to Grandma and Grandpa Barbers for another party where the girls got these cute headbands.

And Grandma made all my kids really nice blankets! She is amazing.

We had a great Christmas and enjoyed being with all our family!