Sunday, July 24, 2011

Karson's Baseball Pictures

We are always involved in one sport or another in this house, and for the summer it's baseball Karson loves baseball!! The two things Karson says most in a day are "I'm hungry" and "I want to play baseball"  So I wanted to post some pictures, I thought I had more but it turns out they are all videos and only two pictures. He had a fun season and it ended with them being undeafeated which was great for all the boys and the one girl on the team. So now we have a month break and it's on to football.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Boy's Best Friend

Meet the newest member of our family, Duke.

(In Karsons words)
I got my dog!! I have wanted him for like three years. He is the best dog I ever knew. I like to play fetch with him. He eats bugs and all my toys. He likes to run with me. He likes to chase the horses. The girls are afraid of him. He likes to take shoes. I love my dog!!

So Karson wasn't kidding the first time he was brave enough to sit on Santa's lap he asked for a dog. Santa looked at me, I shook my head no and then Santa said "well I can't always bring what you want" Karson's face fell, and I felt like the Mother of the year. I have tried to hold him off. I gave him a stuffed dog, then last year I gave him a webkin dog hoping a virtual dog would do, but no, one night while reading him a story about a boy and his dog he turned to me and said "next year I'm going to ask Santa for a real dog so I don't get any more stuffed dogs."
Well Santa came in July this year, when my dad called, let me add seconds after Karson got done telling me once again how much he wanted a dog, and said a man at work had some German short haired puppy's he was giving away and was wondering if we wanted one. I said no, Todd said yes, we now have a dog!

Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July 2011

This is a long over due post, but this was how the Barber Family spent the 2011 Fourth of July weekend.

It all started Friday night with the camp out, and since I am at the end of this pregnancy, and not a big fan of camping,

I volunteered Todd to set the tent up and sleep in the backyard with the kids.

Saturday we took the family to Crest Creek where we enjoyed a nice little nature hike.

 On Monday we spent the day in Menan watching Todd play in a softball tournament, watching the parade and playing some of the games they had  in the park.

 In between games Bailey liked giving Todd makeovers.

Of course the Fourth of July would not be same if we didn't get the horse out to ride. 

 After a long fun day of family and friends, we all went down to the river to enjoy the fireworks. Karson, Kambree. and Bailey wanted to watch the fireworks from on top of the car. They were loving life up there until the actual show started and then....
 Karson ended up in a chair next me.

 (I do have to point out that he did watch the fireworks this year.) This was him last year if you look closely he is inside the truck. I love this kid he is always so tough but when it comes to fireworks he is like a scared little puppy who still needs his mom.

and the girls ended up in Todds lap.

Thanks to Jessica and Branden we ended the day with sparklerers.

 I'm glad that we have this holiday to get together with family and friends to celebrate the blessing we have of living in this free country.