Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer

Summer is officially over for us. We just sent Karson on the bus for his first day of 1st grade. That was hard for me. I thought sending him to kindergarten was hard, but this was much worse. Last year he was only gone two days a week, now it's all day everyday!! In honor of his first day of school I wanted to post his past first day pictures. He's getting so big!

First day of Kindergarten

First day of Preschool

Monday, August 23, 2010

Love True Love

Todd and I have been married for seven years, and I am pretty sure that of those seven years (minus the years I have been pregnant) I have tried to get Todd to run some sort of race with me because I knew that if he did he would catch the bug and we would forever be training together for some sort of race or event in happy bliss. Sounds romantic right. Well he finally gave in. (thank you to Hogan Construction for having a health incentive program) Back in the spring we signed up for the Rush Triathlon in Rexburg, and every once in awhile we were able to train together for it. Let me just say it was as fun I thought it would be Todd did a great job of pushing me past my comfort zone.
Well the day of the race came and our nerves were high I had a goal to beat Todd in at least one of the events (hoping mostly for the bike portion) and Todd's goal was to win it all. No I'm just kidding but he is that competitive. He made my day when he said that he would stay by me in the swim. and then the announcement came that they would be starting the boys/men 5 minutes faster than the girls. I was soooo sad! So at 8:00 on the dot the gun sounded and the men were off. Then 5 minutes later it was my turn. I took off only to be instantly kicked in the face. (this was not the only time) after pushing my way through the chaotic crowd of swimmers I found my space and my pace and I was feeling good. Now to the best part of my story (in my point of view not Todds. ) I got out of the water and found that I had caught up to my husband, that's right I beat Todd in the swim by minutes. Hurray, I met my goal there was no need to continue, I could just go home right then and there but we didn't we continued on the bike. And last the very mountainous run and I mean a mile of straight up hill on a dusty dirt path, I was cursing whoever came up with the course thinking they must have had fun with it and laughing at all the people who would voluntarily put themselves through this torture. When it was all said and done I think we both had had a great time. Todd finished in 1 hour and 47 minutes and I finished in 1 hour 53 minutes. That's right only six minutes behind Todd and 7 minutes under my goal time. I have to brag because I know this will be the one and only time that he lets me finish that close to him again. So like I said in my title Love true Love isn't it sweet.
Here are some pictures of that very eventful day.

Todd getting out of the water, isn' t he cute

Me getting out of the water (love the wet suit)

Me getting on my bike ( sorry there is no picture of Todd on
his bike Jessica said he was to sneaky)

Me running after I got off my bike, well it felt like I was running,

Todd's great finish

And a big thanks to our families for all the support, and especially to Jessica for taking the pictures, holding our stuff and keeping track of our time.

I can't say if Todd has the bug now or not but we had a great time and I hope there will be more triathlons in the future.
P.S. Jessica I am still waiting for the picture of the bobbing heads it would make this post so much better.