Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silly Kambree

So Kambree is our most creative when it comes to learning new words and there meanings. The other day we were coming home from preschool, and she had been sneezing a lot that day and she turned to me and said "Mom I have been having a lot of bless U's today." It took me awhile but I finally realized that "Bless U's" were  actually the sneezes I could not stop laughing, in my head of course I didn't want Kambree to feel bad so I looked at her and said "Yeah you have".

However, my all time favorite came two nights ago when Todd and I let her lay in bed with us. She was telling Todd how I am always losing things, and it's true. If you were to ask me where my phone or my cars key's were 95% of the time I have no idea. Well she said to Todd "mom's a laa-ser" then she paused and with gusto she said the word she was actually trying to say the first time it went like this..." MOM's A LOSER!" Todd and I could not keep this laugh in our heads. We busted up for a good 5 minutes. She is so funny. What would we do without Kambree.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Many of you know that Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays. I like to dress my whole family up in coordinating costumes,and try lots of new foods and ideas out on my family. So this year, thanks to the Taste of Homes Magazine, I had lots of new ideas and a giant sugar cookie was one of them. I think everyone got excited about what the surprise of the day was especially Kambree when on  "day 1 " of Halloween ate a pumpkin muffin and declared "this is so good I LOVE DAY ONE!"
Now back to dressing my family in coordinating costumes.
Karson wanted to be a football player this year so .....

Kambree became the cheerleader...

Bailey the mascot...

 (The hat was a little itchy and she didn't like that but Aunt Jessica  told her people wouldn't give her candy unless she had it on. So of course she wore it for the whole trunk-or-treat and then when we went to our old neighborhood to trick-or- treat  she, at every house, put the hat on said trick-or-treat and then took it off until the next house.

Todd and I dressed up as the Referee and "The Fan"

 The kids had so much fun trick-or-treating they all crashed in the car on the way home so you know what that means Todd and I had free rain of the candy. I would say this was a very successful holiday!!

More pictures from Halloween:

Jessica and Aiden joined us trick-or-treating

My annual Halloween Dinner in a pumpkin, where everyone comes dressed up to eat.

Including Grandma and Grandpa

Karson really decided to go in character by loosing his second top tooth today so he could be toothless.

Sunday Night Family Carving Pumpkin Party!!