Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it a Boy, or a Girl?

Last month we were told in an unofficial ultrasound that we were having a boy. You can image the excitement with the boys in our house, and the tears that came from the girls. I told Todd and the kids they could pick the name, and they came up with  Jimmer(in honor of the famous BYU basketball star this year.) Some times I wish  I could take back the things I say.

Well today we went for our official ultrasound and we found out that our little Jimmer is actually not a Jimmer at all but is a little girl. Which means I get to have a  Lila or Lily I haven't decided yet. Kambree danced around the room and Todd hasn't said more then two words all day. However the fact that we have been told two different things makes wonder a little what it really is, and I guess we won't know until August 26 (hopefully before) But whether a Jimmer or a Lila I know it will be loved.

Happy Birthday Karson

Happy 7th Birthday!!
(I think this has been a fun year for Karson.)

Things he has accomplished this year include:
1. Learned to Read
2. Lost most of his teeth, and then had them grow back.
3. Has played on a soccer, baseball, football, and
basketball team and loved every minute.
4. Loves to play outside with his Dad.
5. Started 1st grade and is in the top of his class
6.  Was a big help to grandpa in the garden and with fixing the fence.
7.  Was very brave when he went cliff jumping with us at Lake Powell.

It has been fun to see him grow this year and accomplish so many things.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!!

I just wanted to do a quick blog to say Happy Birthday to my niece  Emma. Today she would have been 6. I woke up this morning to hear my sister saying Happy Birthday to her daughter and then asking her husband if she was celebrating in heaven and his reply was why wouldn't she this was the day that she received her body. (A very important part in becoming like our Heavenly Father.) I know my testimony has grown today on the importance of our bodies and the Plan of Salvation.
 Now since I wasn't part of the blogging world last year at this time. I wanted to post a few pictures and share a few memories of my last visit with Emma. 

Emma and Kambree the first night we arrived in Memphis,
 they were both so excited to see each other.

Emma doing Kambree's hair.

Emma and Kambree having fun doing my hair. 

Emma patiently waiting for Kambree to wake up, because lets face it Kambree is not a morning person! Emma had to learn this the hard way the morning before.
We were there when Emma got her dog Bella. This little dog scared the heck out of me and Kambree but Emma loved her, and she loved Emma.

Kambree and Emma had fun playing outside and riding bikes together.  It was a good week and lots of fun memories were made. 

Happy Birthday Emma!!!