Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Helper

So last Saturday while Jessica and I were having fun making our Valentine crafts. (You can go to Jessica's blog to check those out if want to. ) My ever so helpful Kambree noticed my cell phone was little dirty, thanks to Bailey's sticky fingers. Well she wanted to do a little service for her mother and so she took my phone to the kitchen sink and washed it in the dish water till it was squeaky clean. Then dried it ever so nicely with a towel. She then brought it back to me with a BIG Smile on her face saying "Mom  your phone was dirty so I washed it for you."  Inside I was dieing, because I know what happens to phones when they get dumped in water. But look at that face how can you be mad at that.  Outside I smiled gave her a hug and said Thank you that was so sweet, while giving Jessica an Oh my Goodness look. Then I explained to her how phones aren' t like our dishes or our dolls and we shouldn't wash them in water when they get dirty. My phone is miraculously still working, when it wants to. And every time I go to use it, it is a reminder of how sweet and helpful children are.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How do you get a two year old to smile?

It was the Sunday before Christmas,
 and I decided to take my annual family pictures in front of the tree.

Karson, NICE

Kambree, Beautiful

(The following Pictures were not staged or preplanned in any way.)

Try again

 Just smile one time so we can be done.

 AH.. no try again

 One more time I know you can smile.

 Getting closer

 This smile will have to do.
(Karson and Kambree laughing in the background)

Finally a smile (thanks Karson and Kambree)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ending the year 2010

It has been a long time since I have been on here, I feel the need to catch up on the events of our life that finished the year 2010.

In November : We raked leaves...
 and more leaves.....
 It felt like all we did in November was rake leaves we raked leaves until the snow came and even then we raked some more.

We had fun watching Todd coach his last football game of the season. (Now that I think about it I think this happened in October. But I'm leaving it here anyway. )

My dad turned 64.

Our favorite part of November was the massive snow storm around Thanksgiving which gave us lots, and lots of snow to do all kinds of fun things in like building snowmen  having snowball fights and...

Build the most amazing snow cave a kid could ask for. (Thanks Todd)
and, sledding with the sled and with out.

 Now we can't forget Thanksgiving where I was more worried about the yummy food and the after Thanksgiving shopping adds to take any really good pictures so this is what Jessica got that I stole from her blog. She loves me.

Standing in line at Target at 3:00 a.m in the morning, and yes we got everything we had hoped to get and more.


Kambree had her first TaVaci concert.

It was so fun to watch all these kids singing fun Christmas songs
 that weren't  your traditional Christmas carol.

We had fun making Ginger Bread houses. I don't think it feels quite like Christmas if you don't build at least one of these during the season. So we built ...



and then Kambree's frosting wouldn't hold. It was so sad, she had to make hers another day.

Todd's Job unofficially finished, what I mean by that is the school had an open house and ribbon cutting
ceremony.  It was nice to go up and tour this beautiful school and see what my husbands been working on for the last two and half years.However, he still goes to work because I guess there is  a lot of "paper work" and little things that need to be done.  Now we are just waiting to see what our next project will be and hoping that it will keep us close to home.

That's it, that catches me up (almost) I still need to do Christmas and how we brought in the new year. But that will be another post hopefully in the near future.