Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 A couple of weeks ago I decided to enjoy one of the last nice days of fall. So, We went to the park and played in the leaves. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. The girls jumped out of the car and instantly started throwing leaves in the air yelling "CELEBRATION!!" 
(Well almost all the girls this one stayed sleeping in the car seat, but had she been awake I know she would have been celebrating too. )

We ALL took turns jumping in the leave pile.

Me (I tried the backwards approach, OUCH!)

Jessica, (the front approach, OUCH!)
leave piles just aren't as soft as I remember them being.

Kambree tried the knee (she loved it)

Bailey decided to bury herself.

 We even got grandma to join.
 She sat down while bailey racked leaves around her.

The highlight of the day however came when one of us,
 not naming any names,(but I will show her picture)
 had a little bit of a breakdown, and Aiden came to the rescue.

Here is the play by play.
The break down

Aiden wondering what he should do.

Aiden deciding a little hug would help,
but testing out the waters with a little hand on the knee

 Now he's going in for the kill.

 And finally the hug that made everything better.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween,  And since this year Halloween  was on a Monday the family and I celebrated all weekend long!
We started Friday with some yummy Carmel apples that Jessica helped me make. Okay I know they don't look very good, but they were yummy! Jessica told me the beauty of a Carmel apple is all in the drizzle, well, I think I need to work a little more on my drizzle.

Saturday we had our ward trunk-or-treat which is always fun, I know you have been in complete anticpation to know what this years family theme was, well wait no more... We were the family of things you can eat !!

 We had our cupcake

our strawberry, our dairy

and our carrot/pumpkin depending on who you ask!!

(Todd and Demry passing out the candy)
(Bailey giving Aiden a love)

Sunday we decided to go up and surprise Grandma Barber in our costumes, and oh was she surprised!!

 Monday, the actual day of Halloween we had my annual dinner in pumpkin

where if you want to eat, you must be dressed up.

Dinner came complete with homemade root beer,

(the favorite) slippery slimy worms,

Monster Puddings

 broom sticks

and spooky spiderwebs.

 We ended the night with some crazy trick-or-treating with my friend and her family. Where she dressed up as the old man and I the old women.

 Did I mention I love Halloween!!