Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First time out

So lately I have felt like I am doing a little to much of this...

and not enough of this...

So I decided Demry was old enough to experience the joys of running with mom, and I sent kambree to school , bundled the girls up, and away we went.

I know this picture looks like Bailey is giving Demry a kiss, but really it's a little pep talk on how to behave in the stroller to keep mom happy.

So the pep talk worked everyone stayed happy, I had a nice first time run/walk after having Demry. Who am I  kidding pushing 50 extra pounds is not easy. And lets face it, I'm a wimp. I was sucking air, and sweating all over the place, it  felt like my heart was going to explode after only a half a mile, and now a day later I am so sore I can barely walk. However, it did feel good to get out, and from the look on Demry's face I would say she had a good time and can"t wait to go again.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

So this last month has been very eventful and exciting for all of us, so I wanted to share.

Reason to celebrate  #1
Karson was on a flag football team this fall and just finished the season undefeated. He had a lot of fun and made some really good friends.

Reason # 2, 3
Kambree had a birthday and is now 6 years old! She also lost her first tooth. Which is always a very exciting/traumatic experience.

Reason #4
Todd finished his first project with the new job, and his boss was very impressed, so hopefully this means we have a job for awhile.

and finale Reason #5

This sweet 8 week old has slept through the night (11:00pm- 7:30am) for a week straight now! This alone calls for nice big party!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Are we ready for this?

I can believe this, but I don't want to.
Just last week the kids were running through the
 sprinkler and now it's snowing.

Karson was so excited he could hardly wait to go outside.
                    Notice he's outside in shorts he couldn't even take the time to really bundle up.
However, after he realized he couldn't do much with out socks pants and gloves he came in and  put all his snow gear on and played outside all day. I made him take two breaks to dry his clothes in the dryer, but then he was back outside until the sun went down. My sister Kerie and I were the same way growing up. I even remember one year, over thanksgiving, we were outside building ramps for our sleds in the snow after the sun went down. (so fun)

Now when it snows I put my snow stuff on, and play with my kids for awhile. Not very long though because I don't think my kids bodies know this yet but mine does, the snow is cold!!  After I come in freezing I sit inside looking at this...

while enjoying THIS!!
 and wondering to myself, when will I be brave enough to drive on the roads, and when will summer come again.