Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall 2012

I feel like since school started we have been going, going, and going. If I have time where nothing is going on I usually take a much needed nap. Thus all our Fall activities have gone without being posted, and well lets face it fall is my most favorite season for food and my second favorite for weather. That makes this post one that can not be forgotten. 
First off Karson had a great last year of Flag Football . He was coached by his Dad, and played with all his friends. Next year (pause) Grid Kid. I don't think I'm ready to see my son get tackled to the ground so Maybe I can talk him into one more year of flag football.
 I had to put this picture in because Karson had so much fun playing football, he now has permanently grassed stained knees.
No matter how hard we scrub they won't go away!

Second we had a great garden this year. Except for our corn I don't know what happened. Believe it or not it even had ears that were no bigger than my hand.

I spent a lot of time canning Peaches, Pears, Tomato Sauce, Apple Sauce, and for the first time I tried Relish, Pickles, and Salsa. (Note to anyone who has never dealt with jalapenos. Don't touch the seeds and then your face. Your face will feel like it is on fire and the skin is melting right off, and just when you think it is done burning, DON'T go and work out. Once the sweat starts coming all the fiery pain comes right back.)

Once all the canning was out of the way I could pay attention to my kids again. So, we all went to Freeman park and played in the leaves.  We had a blast and I love the picture of Kambree's feet. She dove into the pile and that was all we could see of her. (It was a really big pile!!)
Next Halloween!!!
We had fun carving pumpkins.

Yes, we did dinner in a pumpkin, and jello worms again. (so fun)

However, when it came to the costumes I had a hard time coming up with a theme everyone was happy with, seeing how, the kids are getting older, and our family is bigger. But I did manage to pull it off one more year with some very heavy persuasion.
 (It might just be the last.)

This years theme.... Storybook characters. We have Prince Charming, Pocahontas,
A fairy.
 and my favorite of the year Red Riding hood and the Wolf.

We have had a very full and fun fall, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.


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