Friday, August 17, 2012

A Good Example

My Grandma passed away this summer on July 26, it was a sad yet peaceful time. Sad because we knew we would miss her but peaceful because she was not suffering anymore, and she was able to be reunited with two of her sons and her sweet heart my Grandpa. Not to mention all the other family and friends that had passed on before her.

My Grandma lived to be 101, in her life time she went from horse and buggy to cars and planes.  My Grandma was a good example of dedication and hard work. Her testimony and her family were very important to her.

On of my favorite memories of my Grandma is when she had a stroke she came and lived with my parents for awhile. I got the privilege of coming down from Rexburg everyday and taking care of here while everyone else was in school or working. She loved Karson! He would try and comb her hair even though she didn't have much. (the medicine she was on made it fall out) I would make sandwiches for lunch, and she would say I made the best sandwiches.  Then we would end the day by me putting my kids down for a nap, and Grandma and I would watch an old classical movie. Grandma loved the old movies. 

(girls playing ring around the rosie's)

(No, we did plan all of the kids to match but it sure looked cute.)

Grandma's surving sons.

I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have of Eternal families. How lucky we are.

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